Decentralized Enterprise

Dmitriy Ivanenko
2 min readJun 2, 2021

A modern enterprise in any country is connected with state registration and taxes. If you are engaged in small-scale trade or services, then perhaps this does not really bother you. But, as soon as you start to engage in more global projects, the state immediately binds you in many different ways, the need for which is difficult to explain.

In controlling the activities of enterprises, it is important not so much to protect property and money (which should be natural) but to guarantee the priority of copyright and preserve the existence of the enterprise.

Blockchain technology opens up new opportunities for accounting and finance to protect the fundamental rights of enterprises and entrepreneurship.

What should be noted as necessary and desirable in the conditions of existence of the “enterprise of the future”? Lack of bureaucratic restrictive support, which can be attributed to:

- The Charter of the enterprise-the conditions of activity should be regulated directly by the type of activity at the level of legislation in this country.

- Legal address-an an enterprise as an object of intellectual property cannot have a physical address. Any offices, production areas, physical objects must be recorded separately as objects of ownership.

- Bank account-although not mandatory, can grow into an Autonomous payment system based on new technologies.

The opinion of active market participants and entrepreneurs is very interesting.



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